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Prom Dress Yellow

Yellow prom dresses are the kind of dress to choose when you want to feel fun and dance a lot. These dresses are for people who are fun and enjoy living life to the full.

Check out our Prom Dresses page for ideas on the latest trends and fashions. Here are some quick ideas: halternecks are totally in season and suit everyone, layering and ruffling is really fun, flirty and sexy, and pay attention to your waist with cinching and folding at the waist-line.

Yellow prom dresses are really great when accessorized with sparkle, they really match diamond and silver, but if you have the option do not wear gold as this can make some yellows look ugly. If you plan to wear a really bright yellow prom dress choose simpler jewellery than if you were to wear a lighter colour.

Pretty woman with long blonde hair, wearing stunning fitted yellow prom dress
Also the more detailing your dress has the more you should look at sticking with one piece of jewellery, preferably earrings. This is because you do not want to detract from your dress, and also you have less chance of making the dress look tarty. Have you ever noticed that few of the dress models on websites such as ShopDress.com and edressme.com do not wear any jewellery, they pretty much just let the dress do the talking? And they still look fabulous? Well, just to remind you that keeping it simple is the prettiest and sexiest way. How to stay confident and be enviable at your prom:

- Make sure to eat something the day of your prom, this will brighten your complexion and make you look your absolute best, crash dieting is not an answer.

- Talk. This may seem really obvious but you need to strike up a conversation or two, try complimenting a dress (or a tie for a boy) or talk about a funny recollection you have from your last year at college.

- Keep your hair simple. You don't want to be always on the lookout for whether or not your hair is going to fall out of its grips. So make sure you have a loose style that will look better after loads of dancing, or use loads of hairspray.

- When it comes to dancing be sure to relax, as this is the key to great dance moves. The more you relax the more 'flow' you will achieve and those hips won't be able to stop til sunrise.

Yellow dresses are a hot trend this spring-summer, with the catwalks alive with lemons, buttercups, saffrons and goldens. Look alive in sunshine brights or peachy pastels, and don't forget to match it to your skin tone.

So for light, English Rose skin types choose a dress with a really subtle hue, pick pastel colours that are made with soft fabrics as these will compliment your skin perfectly. Hold the dress up next to your face when browsing, to see if the colour and texture work for you; you can tell by the amount of light it gives your skin.

For skin with a bit more sun, pick darker and brighter shades like citrus or marigold. Try a yellow dress if you want to stand out from the crowd and make a stunning entrance.