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White Prom Dresses - Classically Beautiful

White prom dresses are classically beautiful. They give an air of innocence and childlike beauty, whilst looking charming and romantic. White prom dresses come in a few different styles, from halterneck to shift, from vintage to futuristic.

White dresses are timeless. And although you may think that you look like you should be walking down the aisle, this can only be a positive thing as it will make you feel more graceful and more beautiful.

But be careful not to overdo it, just wear the dress, with very few accessories.

The white dress can look great on every skin tone, especially in the choice of fabric. For example, if you have a pale skin tone choose a really soft fabric like chiffon, and for those with darker skin choose 'clearer' fabrics like silk and satin.

You could also try a dress which is a mixture of white and another strong colour, in order to create something a bit more fun and individual. For example, white and black dresses are very popular.

To accessorize your white prom dress, go for silver jewellery and then pick one other color for your shoes and bag. For example, white dress, silver jewellery, red shoes, red bag, red hair grips. This will maintain the classic look of the dress whilst making it yours.

Go to our Prom Dresses 2016 page for ideas on the latest trends and fashions. Here are some quick ideas: halternecks are totally in season and suit everyone, layering and ruffling is really fun, flirty and sexy, and pay attention to your waist with cinching and folding at the waist-line. Here is a list of a few places that I think are the best to buy your outfits from:

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Recent dresses and updates on this internet site, with the popular styles and trends from the catwalks put into discount  cuts.

Great to-do list of things to do before your ball, with tips on hairstyles, corsages, limos and restaurants.

Tips on choosing a corsage:

Firstly, a corsage is two or three flowers with a ribbon that matches the dress. It is usually given from the guy to a girl. The corsages usually come in a wrist form but you can get pin on ones and handheld ones.

For guys:

The corsage should match the colour of your date's dress. Find out what colour she is wearing from her or her friends, because you do not want to buy a corsage that clashes. Go to find a corsage a couple of weeks before prom so it can be ready for the evening. The flowers that are best are roses and carnations, but a florist should have some helpful tips for you. It can cost from $10 to $70 so you should find one that will suit both you and her.