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Scouring vintage shops for something to wear may not sound ideal, but if you go to a really classy one then it should be a great shopping experience. Wearing a unique vintage prom dress can make you look more stunning, feel more comfortable and cost you less.

Vintage shopping can be like going through a treasure chest, and you can take hours dreaming over what kind of days were spent in the clothes, and what sort of person they were. Finding a vintage style prom dress should be a real cinch, granted the best prom styles are vintage, especially 1950s dresses. It can also be helpful to ask the store owner if they can direct you to where these may be in the shop, and to also ask if they have any out the back for you to try on.

Always try on the clothes in the store if they have a suitable changing area, this will ensure that you get something really worthwhile. Also don't be afraid to ask for advice, and try on things that you wouldn't normally try. Also be sure to ask to try on some accessories, because the best jewelry and shoes are usually vintage, because they were made to go with the dresses.

Make sure to take a friend along with you as it is much more pleasurable, but be sure to take a friend who will be honest with you, not one that says you look great in everything. Going vintage clothes shopping can be like going to play dress up so make sure that you take someone who loves this with you.

Women's Fashion Through the Decades

This was the era for the screen goddess, the creation of the movie star. Flapper dresses and feather fascinators were popular, and so was that all important glitter and sparkle that made Hollywood seem so appealing. To recreate a 1920s party dress outfit, choose something with a long body, dropped waistline and thin shoulder straps. Pick ra-ra styles and gowns with a hemline just above the ankle. Accessorize with a fantastic cloche hat with floral detailing and a ladylike string of pearls.

Vintage Dress on Retro Bicycle
As Hollywood increases its popularity, so does the art of dressing frivalously. Hemlines were now almost permanently knee-length and more luxurious fabrics became more common. Look at the film 'Atonement' for inspiration of 1930s glamourous gowns and clothing fashions. Accentuating the female form is important for this decade of history, by creating a silhouette that pulls everything in at the waist, making a real hourglass silhouette.

Flirty, feminine and practical; these are the key elements to any 1940s dress style. Classic and elegant high-waisted tailoring wa s suitable for women in the workplace. So pop on a fitted jacket and cinch in your waist with a belt, to compliment your slim wartime figure. Don't forget the all important hat and perm that will mark you as a lady of quality.

Chiffon, detailing and experimentation; the 1950s saw party, cocktail and prom dresses at the forefront of fashion. Large bell skirts and strapless gowns were 'all the rage', as was experimenting with colour and individual style. Teenagers emerged as the new voice of fashion and celebrities gained a new status. Marilyn Monroe made the hourglass figure sexy and desirable, along with the halterneck dress and fitted bodice.

Super short mini skirts and boho chic skirts made this the era for new and exciting dressing. Make sure your hair is super sleek, big and backcombed. Crazy patterned dresses made great summertime looks, as did high necked shifts layered over turtle neck jumpers. To create a 1960's look, pick a bold and colorful shift mini dress and pop on a pair of kitten heels.

Music was very inspirational for this fashion decade, Abba being a huge influence. Maxi dresses and platform heels were the new shapes, and hair was long, permed and wavy; much like the cast of Charlie's Angels. Mixing patterns and style from different era's and countries had started, fashion was working its way to being much more individual in the 1970's.

Madonna was the fashion icon of the 1980s. Her mixed punk, goth style made bodycon dresses, lace and fishnets popular all over the globe. Accessorizing was tremendously important, with every inch of the body covered in some sort jewelry or something. Huge headbands and multi layered necklaces and big, colourful hair should never be forgot. As should dance wear, sweater dresses and womens power suits.

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