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Summer Dresses 2011
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Summer Dresses 2011
This season is all about looking to past seasons for a little inspiration - to learn from the classic glamour of year's gone
by, and to find ways to incorporate it into your everyday style and special occasion wardrobe.

Here are some of our favorite trends, and tips on how you can wear them at parties, proms and weddings:

70's Glamour
For a hit of retro glamour, check out dresses from the seventies - bypass the crazy prints and look to the simple cotton
loose summer dresses, lovingly handcrafted by hippies in their heyday. The ease and elegance of muted day dresses
can be easily transferred to a night time look with a pair of black tights, black waist belt and huge earrings. Maxi dresses
look great for everyday wear, and it was the 70s that made these chic numbers so practical and pretty to wear.

Biker Clothing
For a little punk update to your summer 2011 wardrobe, purchase a leather skirt and jacket - not matching, nor to wear
together, but as separate statement pieces, that will last forever in your closet, so you can wear them whenever this trend
roles round again! Stick to dark colours like forest brown, navy blue and dark grey if you want to get use from them - as
these colours will go with most anything in your wardrobe, and can be accessorized for a night at the club, or a day in the

Sheer Maxis
A spin off of the 70's trend - the maxi dress has gone sheer - look for see through fabrics and subtle ways to layer them.
Simply pick a floaty fabric and wear it over leggings and a crop top - this looks very biker, very punk, very rock and roll

Lace and Crochet
This is a trend that is here to stay for some time - and thank goodness, because it's so versatile! Wear it for special
occasions, wearing to school or to a family party. Wear one full lace dress, or use it as an extra layer for texture and added
detail. The handcrafted nature and homely detail fits the 'recession-style' forecast we were promised, with extra glamour
and sophistication.

Tuxedo Jackets
A great cover-up for this season, and a good investment purchase - a little cropped tuxedo jacket that fits perfectly is great
for all figures, plus size to petite, and looks gorgeous with a cocktail outfit. Your tuxedo jacket doesn't have to be black -
instead it looks great in cream, pale pink or grey; and keep any embellishment to a minimum... the joy of this jacket is it's
simple line and structure.

If you can find a pleated skirt in a thrift store or vintage shop, wear it with reckless abandon every day this summer,
cinched in at the waist with a thin leather belt, and worn over a checked shirt. This is a great thing to have in your
wardrobe, as it's timeless elegance will see you through every season - and if you buy one in a neutral colour, you will find
yourself (no matter your shape) wearing it all the time.

Tail Hems
The trend for dresses that are longer at the back than the front has made a quick comeback to our runways. If you want to
look suitable trendy, find a tail hem - or make one yourself - and pair it with pretty high heels and lots of costume jewellery.
Try to avoid looking too obvious, by choosing a subtle gradient of a couple of inches (or about 10cm) rather than a full on
fishtail, unless you are going to a ball, in which case go for a short front and very long tail.

Kitten Heels
All the tall women in the house rejoice - the kitten heel is back! A great everyday office wear addition, the kitten heel flew
out of fashion back in the early noughties, and our ankles have been crying for them ever since! Pick a pair with a cute
almond toe and pretty detailing for an elegant nod to the trend.

Summer Dresses 2011

This summer is all about vintage inspired looks - and so here we've got ideas on where to find great vintage pieces, and
how to style outfits to look both classic and chic. With accessories being one of the more affordable ways to renew your
wardrobe, we take a quick look at retro and antique jackets, jewels and shoes.