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Special Occasion Make Up

Having the perfect make-up for your special occasion may seem daunting but as long as you've practised in advance and have all your girl-friends around you, there is nothing to worry about.

Having the perfect make-up is about making your natural beauty shine. Make-up helps to define and sculpt facial features, in order to create an enviable look. It is very important to have practised your look before your special event, in order that you can reflect upon it and get other opinions.

Remember that make-up looks do change with the times, but these trends are not really the ones to follow, as they can be very extreme and suit only a few faces around the globe. The suggestion that is universally made by make-up artists everywhere is to find a look that suits you and is natural whilst also enhancing your features.

Take the following advice to enhance your features and make your natural beauty shine!

Eye Make Up

Blue eyes suit orange, brown and peach.
Green or hazel eyes suit rose, purple and heather.
Brown eyes suit blues, turquoise and plum.
If you have red hair, freckles, or both, try out a green shade as this will really compliment your skin tone.

Face Make Up

How to apply blusher
Before doing any other part of your make-up be sure to pick the perfect foundation. The perfect foundation will be one with which the colour seems to disappear as soon as you put it on. Do not choose a shade darker than your natural colour, as this will create a visible line with your face and neck and the rest of your body.

Concealer is of great importance to most people, it helps to cover up imperfections and makes the faces look more even. The perfect concealer for undereye and blemishes used by celebrities and models is YSL Touche Eclat.

Apply foundation with a sponge as it will go on much smoother and evenly.

When applying blusher, do a really cheesy smile, and apply the blusher on the apples of your cheeks (the raised parts) and then blend it up towards your hairline.

Why not look into having a make-over done with your local Colour Me Beautiful consultant, as she will be able to give you the perfect advice on what colours suit you.


Lip stick and gloss are best applied with a lip brush.

The perfect lip gloss may seem difficult to find, try Mac's range of Lip Glasses or Lancome's Juicy Tubes.

Always wear a lighter shade of lip liner than the actual lipstick colour.

Most of all, have fun and play around!! If you are going to wear accessories, it might be appropriate to choose a complimentary eye makeup colour like brown to stop your look from appearing too 90's. If you choose a brightly colored dress, more muted colors are usually suitable. And darker dresses work well with shimmery, metallic shades.

Always be occasion appropriate, you might pair a wedding dress with muted, pastel colors, but choose bold, heavier makeup to wear with a cocktail dress.

For helpful tips and advice, visit Youtube and check out the vast array of makeup how to's available.