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Romantic evening dresses can be the perfect kind of dress to wear to a special occasion, especially one that you are going to with a partner. You want to feel special and beautiful, and look effortlessly beautiful. Well, this is easier to achieve than you may think. Read on for ways to look romantic and where to buy the dresses to accomplish the perfect look.

When you want to let a little romance into your life or make yourself feel beautiful, look for a romantic evening dress that compliments your figure and makes you feel like a woman.

It might sound cliché, but you have to feel comfortable in what you are wearing before anyone can think you look beautiful. Make sure that you are not worrying about pulling anything down or hoiking anything up throughout the evening, by giving your outfit a trial run the day before.

Remember that chiffon and layering are very romantic, especially when used properly. Don't go layering similar fabrics, or the same colours, simple is better.

Pale shades are also very flirtatious, and if used appropriately, strong colours can wow your date, by making you seem more confident.

If you are going out for a date or out for a special occasion there are a few things you should remember:

Aqua chiffon knee length dress of young lady holding flower
Try wearing just earrings and make them dangly and sparkly. By getting the earrings to scrape your back and shoulders, it will be amazingly romantic and sexy. Especially if you have your hair up, your make-up soft and bare skin showing.

Make sure that your skin looks glowing by having a good body scrub before the event, and perhaps a spray on tan at your local salon.

Choose floral styles, and avoid heavy make-up, large beaded jewellery and tights.

When applying make-up, sponge on a light layer of foundation, powder is not a good idea when going for a romantic look, as it will make the make-up look heavy and unnatural. Blusher is very important when trying to create a romantic look, pick pinkier shades, that is a shade lighter than when you blush naturally and put it on the apples of your cheeks. Highlighter or powder are good forms of blusher to use. When buying lipstick, try out a clear gloss or subtle pink shade that has a strong moisturising quality. Choose shimmery pastel shades for your eyes, that compliment the colour of the dress.

Remember that the most romantic hair-do that you can create is probably the simplest. I would suggest doing some loose curls with some tongs. Don't create harsh, pulled-back buns as this will detract from the whole effect.

For an expensive romantic evening dress click on the above link and check out the day to night section.

Here you will find a selection of great romantic evening dresses, see the second page on romantic dresses as here are the most romantic dresses.

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