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Red prom dresses are the hottest dresses to wear this season. Mix your dress with a hint of sparkle and a gorgeous pair of heels for the ultimate fab effect.

There are loads of different shades of red from light red to deep maroon, and one to suit each skin tone. So for light, English Rose skin types choose pale and pastel reds. For  girls whose skin has a bit more tan, pick darker and smokier shades. Red is a great colour to get noticed in, especially if it is incredibly glamorous and red carpet.

Prom Dresses 2017 are all about feeling comfortable and sexy. It is an incredible luxury to find yourself a formal dress that truly fits you, but if you spend enough time looking then you will find the perfect one.

Accessorize this colour with black, silver or gold. Look like a true lady by wearing matching shoes and clutch bag in a contrasting colour; rather than completely coordinating like you were a bridesmaid at a wedding. Avoid looking like you are going to a Christmas party, by making sure you do not accessorize with white. Fabric is important when wearing red, as it can make you stand out even more, or help you sink into the crowd. Chiffon, satin and silk are the ones to stick to with red gowns. Velvet is a definite no-no unless the dress you are wearing was actually made in the 80s, and you are going for a vintage prom dress look.

When working out what to do with your hair, go for a natural hair down look, with perhaps a cute alice band to match your other accessories. With such a striking coloured evening dress, you don't want to appear too made-up.

Red satin evening dress with matching wrap
When you go shopping for your prom outfit, make sure you take a camera with you, so that you can remember each dress you wore, then you can work out which one you preferred, and which one will look the best in photographs!

Make sure you don't choose a red dress with any other contrasting colour, as this will seem as though you are going to some sort of Halloween costume party. Make sure that if there is any flowered embroidery on the dress, that it is tastefully sewn, and its size is perfect. Tiny flowers are much preferred. The some goes for a bow, which ought to be in proportion with the rest of the dress.

Always choose an appropriate length of dress, which for a red gown needs to be at or below the knee, otherwise you run the risk of looking cheap in a little red number. Red maxi dresses can look very pretty for summer, and when made in a simple cotton or jersey look relaxed and mature.

Red prom dresses look fantastic on brunettes, redheads and blonde's, but choose your tone carefully. Try them on in stores - go out towards the window to check the colour in natural light, as it may appear completely different under the harsh yellow or blue lights of department stores.

Detail and embellishment on a red dress can be added with braiding, studs or a fabric bow. Simple, classic and elegant additions can make the dress even more personalised to suit your fashion style. The colour makes such a statement all by itself, so very little adjustment needs to be done - choose a dress with an interesting hem, under-bust band, low back or neckline.

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