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Red cocktail dresses are really sassy and very sexy. Red is the color of passion and confidence. There are varying shades from maroon to cerise, each shade will look great on different skin colours. Read on for places to buy and tips on how to wear your dress.

To find a great red cocktail dress to suit you read on. If you have dark skin and dark hair go for a great bright red and the deeper darker shades like maroon and deep red. For red heads with fair skin, or those with a slight red/ginger tinge in their hair, go for more yellow red shades like tomato and salmon. For blondes with medium skin tone choose classic red colours in sumptuous fabrics.

Red Cocktail Party Dress with Waist Belt
When wearing a red cocktail dress, think about matching it with red shoes. This will complete the stunning dress, but be sure to choose a red that is exactly the same color and preferably a similar fabric. Try to match a shrug or cardigan color with the color of the clutch bag that you buy.

For your make-up keep the colours simple, in order to keep the focus on your dress. Why not try matching eye shadow colors to your shrug and clutch. The best colors to go with red are gold, peach and silver because they are muted and subtle. They will compliment your red dress rather than overpower.

If you want to go for a classic look then try some red lipstick if you have the confidence to wear it. But only wear this lipstick if the dress is small and low cut so as not to be wearing too much red all over. Beware of overpowering the viewers, so keep your hairstyle simple as well.

Cocktails, Cocktail Drink Recipes

Strawberry Assassin

Put 5 oz. Cranberry juice, 2 oz. ice cubes, 1 oz. ice cream and 1 oz. vodka in a highball glass, cover and shake times.

Cherry Malibu

Put 1 oz. Malibu, 0.5 oz. Cherry brandy, 2 oz. Lime juice and ice cubes in a glass and top with a cherry.

Raspberry Cooler

Pour 1 part white rum, 1/2 part raspberry liqueur, 1/2 part creme de fraises, juice of 1/2 lime and 1 part sugar syrup into a mixing glass full of ice. Shake and strain into sling glass filled with crushed ice.

Mock Pink Champagne

Add 1/2 part sugar, 1 1/2 part water, 1/2 part orange juice, 2 parts cranberry juice, 1 part pineapple juice, 4 parts 7-Up to a champagne glass.

Karen K

Fill a pint glass with ice and add one part each of vodka, golden rum,and Lime Juice. Add 4 drops of Tabasco sauce and top up with tomato sauce. Stir.

Tequila Sunrise

Mix 1 1/2 parts tequila and 4 parts orange juice in a glass, then pour in 1/2 part Grenadine gently so that it falls to the bottom.