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Prom Dresses - Sexy Prom Dresses for the Fuller Figure

Finding a perfect plus size prom dress is difficult if you don't know how to start looking and even harder when you have a perfect idea in your head that you just have to find. For all you sexy ladies out there who are looking for plus size special occasion dresses then read on for more tips and ideas on where to look.

Special formal dresses in plus sizes can seem difficult to find, but more and more places are stocking plus size ranges. Not only that, but these ranges are made for your shape, and will therefore flatter and enhance your womanly figure.

Dress for Your Body Type

Low V necklines
To make sure that you look in proportion, enhance your chest with a v-neckline. Anything that draws or creates a V shape will be appropriate. But a strapless dress with no shape is definitely not for you. Check out the gorgeous cuts on the dresses below.

Sleeveless dress
Pretty Midnight Blue Prom Dress
Having sleeves adds unnecessary frump and fluff to your dress, and extends the dress out to the side, rather than seeing it in just one slender line. Stick to straps (up to 3cms/1inch thick) that go straight up and don't jut off your shoulders.

One block colour
Having a print is not only a fashion faux-pas at a prom, but it will degrade your shape. No matter what size the pattern is, it will not look nearly as stunning as one simple colour. Whether you pick white or red, the simple statement of just one colour will look fabulous; do not go to your prom in a flowery or Hawaiian print gown.

Wrap detail
You can enhance your curves by 'drawing' them with the dress too. Buying a party dress that has one or two simple sewn lines under the bust (they should look like a stretched 'X' ) will highlight your waist line, and give added femininity to your figure.

Knee-length or longer
Plus size dresses look much better in styles which cut at the knee or below; this looks much more elegant and sexy than a mini baby doll style.

Slinky fabric
Satin, silk or chiffon will glide over your curves rather than attaching itself to them. Smooth lines are so important for the overall look. Steer clear of velvet and linen, as these will cling drastically and won't make you feel as sexy as you should feel. To help you feel slinky under your dress, do not forget to pick well fitting lingerie.

The best places to look for plus size dresses are: www.edressme.com and www.shopdress.com. They both stock excellent women's plus size ranges, and all the dresses are absolutely stunning.

Most of these dresses stick to the above 'rules', as well as being redesigned and restocked every season. There are also some great designs at www.torrid.com who are a plus size online store. They sell other cheap casual and trendy clothing also, which may be of interest.