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Pretty in Pink - Pink Prom Dress

Pink prom dresses will always be a favourite, this is because it can look super sexy or subtly romantic. It looks great on so many people and really shows off a girly side to every women who wears it.

Pink dresses are a classic type of prom dress. There are loads of different shades of pink from rosy and pastel to hot pink and almost red, and one to suit each skin tone. So for light, English Rose skin types choose pale and dusky pinks. For skin with a bit more sun, pick darker and hot pink shades.

I would recommend at least trying on a two-tone pink dress, so perhaps one with some white or black in it, as these can be incredibly flattering, and give your dress a unique and trendy look. For example, retro pink dots may be in this year, but florals may be more on trend next year. To keep your dress timeless and classic, opt for one simple color throughout the dress, in a luxurious fabric.

Hot Pink Prom Dress with Ruffles
Go to our Prom Dresses 2016 page for ideas on the latest trends and fashions. Here are some quick ideas: halternecks are totally in season and suit everyone, layering and ruffling is really fun, flirty and sexy, and pay attention to your waist with cinching and folding at the waist-line.

Because (depending on the shade) pink can either both sexy or pretty, it's good to keep in mind which look your want to aim for. Some of the most stylish women create a super fashionable look by contrasting styles within their look; wear a very light, subtle pink dress with a snakeskin clutch and pointy heels, or match a candyfloss grecian gown with dark, smoky eye makeup and hair in an updo style.

Pink is a very easy color to accessorize with, it goes well with white, black and silver; and these are the 3 main colors for accessories.

Team it with a dainty silver bracelet and some cute dangly earrings, wear your hair down and curl it. Pop on a pair of silver high heels and buy a silver/white bolero jacket.

Pretty smiling girl in candy pink corset style prom dress

You will look stunning as you glide in through the entrance, and the photos will look great for years to come. Plus, there will never be another time when you felt more like a princess.

Choose an elegant and totally feminine hairstyle that really frames your face. Keep in mind the rule of fashionable contrasting: if you've got a super pretty color, pick a chic, sharp updo, and if you're wearing a hot pink dress, 'match' it with a head full of big celebrity-style curls.

Just make sure to keep a neutral lipgloss with you at all times, don't try to match a lip color to the dress, or it may look a little too over the top!