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Petite Evening Dresses

Petite evening dresses are easy to find on the internet if you know where to look. Start looking for petite dresses for evening by clicking on one of the following links, there are also some great tips on what will suit the petite shape below:

Evening dresses for petite figures, that is women 5'4" and under, get fitted dresses that show off your amazing figure. Try out petite ranges in stores and online, these have been made specially for the petite figure, so have a much better fit. Try some vintage clothes stores, as these tend to be full of great petite buys.

When choosing a dress, choose something which has just one colour, and best to choose dark colours, this will give you a streamlined effect.

To elongate your body, choose a dress with a short skirt and make sure you wear a pair of heels as this is the biggest thing you can do to make yourself taller! Keep things simple for the most amazing effect.

Black Petite Evening Dress
Here are a few tips:
If you are petite, then there are many options for you but the best is something figure-hugging and knee length. Click on a website below to get looking for a great gown for a special occasion.

Dorothy Perkins

Looking for some gorgeous petite evening dresses? Then go to Dorothy Perkins, where you will find a constantly updated website full of pretty evening and day wear.


For cool, up-to-the-minute fashion go to Topshop.com, where you can find great dresses including occasion gowns that you may have seen on many celebrities!

Petite Affair

A website dedicated to catering for petite sizes, includes dresses, formal and casual wear. This is suitable for all ages, as long as you are 5' 3" or under.

The Chic Petite

Clothing news and reviews for small women.  Search by zip code for petite clothing stores near you or browse the directory of online petite shops.  Petite fashionistas of the world, unite!  You have nothing to lose but your baggy clothes.

To get that superstar hairdo, go to our formal hairstyles page for ideas and tips on how to create the best 'do'.

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