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Designer Shoes for Women

Boots, high heels, flats and sandals. There are so many shoes for every different occasion, and some will be more appropriate than others. This page will show you how to wear dress shoes to make the most of your figure and tell you what the most fashionable shoes are at the moment.

Shoes are something that can change an outfit. It will affect the way you stand and hold yourself, and totally affect your mood.

When you wear heels, they make you feel powerful and confident, and when you wear slender shoes with a point they can make you feel elegant and expensive. Shoes can change your mood, and make you feel special, so decide carefully.

A very modern and up-to-date style is the peep-toe heel. These are hot, and have coined the term "toe cleavage" which is
everywhere at the moment; try popping it into a conversation to see how the other person reacts! Also, a style seen on many stars at the moment, metallic colors, are also making a huge comeback.

This is great because metallic colors will go with most dress colors, and you can usually find a bag to match.

To get a great posture and make a fabulous entrance to the party, opt for the highest heel you can bear. Try practicing walking in the heels so that you can wear them in before the big day! If you have bad posture the quickest and simplest exercise to straighten you out is to take a hard back book and place it on your head, then try walking around for as long as you can without it falling off. This will help you walk like a model on a catwalk, and make your entrance like any other A-list star.

Diamante heeled shoes with gorgeous flirty red outfit
If you opt for flatties, then choose some super elegant ballerinas or sparkly sandals. Make sure they are special, and look like new. Gold, silver or embroidered flats will help you look fabulous during your special occasion, and keep you feeling feminine.

Afraid of your new shoes being too painful? Invest in some insoles or gel inserts that will give your feet support and protection. There are so many different varieties of inserts that you can get, there's surely one to suit you!

Designer shoes? Flat shoes? High heels? Round toe? Court? Black? Print? Straps? The opportunities with shoes are endless. Here are some more specific ideas for what to wear with different types of gowns, and where to find them:

Dress Shoes for Petite Women

Petite women often have small feet, and so if your feet are so small that highstreet shops don't stock your size, check out Small Measures. Small Measures specialises in shoes for women with petite feet. Run by women with small feet, they aim to give you what you have always wanted – too many small shoes to choose from in the latest styles.

Dress Shoes for Plus-Size Women

Finding a pair of shoes that are comfortable and fit your feet, but still look sexy is sometimes difficult for plus size women. Check out Torrid.com which has many pairs of beautiful shoes in different styles and sizes.

Womens Shoes for Summer

To compliment the perfect summer sun dress during the daytime, buy some cute metallic flats, and give your toes a quick polish. To take the look into the evening, wear some chunky black gladiator heels and chunky accessories for a truly trendy look.

Winter Shoes

When choosing shoes to wear with a winter dress, opt for boots in the daytime, and chunky heels with grip for night. There's nothing worse than slippery shoes during the colder months. A textured sole will be so helpful when walking home when its icy. Alternatively, take a spare pair of flats in your bag, and change into them for the journey home.

Wedding Shoes Bridal

Does your wedding budget allow you to choose a pair of designer wedding shoes. If you can afford them they will certainly make you feel elegant and expensive. You will want to buy your wedding shoes in plenty of time so that you have the chance to break them in before your big day! You will be on your feet for a long time and you will need comfortable wedding shoes to dance in.

Make sure all the bridesmaids are a similar height  by adjusting the heel height. Or, if the dresses are knee length, choose small heels for all of them, and pop a sole or platform in to increase height.

Viva La Diva
The place to find an incredibly sexy pair of womens shoes, all designer shoes ranging from £10 - £400.

Sole Divas - Tempting Your Passion For Shoes
Sole Divas is a highly customer-service led Internet shopping experience, selling designer shoes, leather handbags, evening bags, pashminas, scarves and accessories at very attractive prices.  We offer free delivery within mainland UK and a NO QUIBBLE money back guarantee return policy.