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Prom Dresses Orange - Bold and Beautiful

Ladies watch out, because orange is popular again. And its back in force, burnt orange, bright orange and even pastel orange are roaming the highstreets and couturiers showrooms, read on for ways to wear your style.

Orange dresses are incredibly hot at the moment, and now more than ever. There are loads of different shades from pastel to burnt orange, and one to suit every skin tone. So for light, English Rose skin types choose the oranges that have only a slight orange hue, the pastel shades. For skin with a bit more sun, pick darker and burnt shades. I think that orange only really looks good on those with dark hair and really tanned skin.

Young smiling prom couple with matching orange corsages
Go to our Prom Dresses page for ideas on the latest trends and fashions. Here are some quick ideas: halternecks are totally in season and suit everyone, layering and ruffling is really fun, flirty and sexy, and pay attention to your waist with cinching and folding at the waist-line.

Wear orange with very few accessories, and make sure that the ones you do wear are in a very similar color, or pick out a color from the dress (if it has diamante for example, you ought to wear silver jewels). Do not wear orange eye make-up, and do not wear heavy foundation, you skin needs to look natural with this colour of dress.

Choose neutral colors for larger accessories, so a cream clutch bag and a cream angora shrug will look perfect with this colour of gown.