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Modest prom dresses can be quite hard to find, so here are a few tips on dressing modestly at your prom and where to find the perfect modest prom dress.

Want to go to your prom but not feel as though you might fall out of your dress or put everything on display whilst you dance your life away. There are loads of dresses that will enhance your features but not too obviously. Mind you if you find that perfect figure flattering dress, then invest in a shrug to go over it and that will sort the problem out automatically.

Two happy young women in pastel coloured dresses
If you have a small chest you will look great in a shift dress that goes up to the top of your neck, with no sleeves. But if you have an ample chest then try a more low-cut top and add a shrug, capped sleeves if you have great arms and 3/4 length sleeves for arms that you don't like so much.

If you have great legs don't forget to wear a knee length dress to show them off. I would recommend having a dress which shows of something you like, which is much better than completely covering up.

Being modest is more in the way that you act, than in the way you dress. So when you walk into the room, be confident  but graceful, be poised and elegant. Make sure that when you dance, your movements are not too big and that you are not drinking at the same time.

Modesty is something that is learnt from a young age, so chances are you will already be gentle and calm. If this is the case, then the above dresses are perfectly suitable for your personality. These dresses will keep you modest throughout the entire evening, they reveal very little, and will keep in place all night.