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Finding a maternity party dress can be quite challenging if you don't know where to start, so I have given you a little head start as to what shapes to look out for and where you can find the most flattering maternity party dresses.

Maternity party dresses can be elegant and sexy. Being pregnant is something to be proud of, and there has been no better time in the fashion line to be pregnant.

With loads of different fashion houses in all three top capital fashion cities coming up with dress designs for the pregnant form.

You don't need to hide your belly under a large shirt, but you don't need to wear something that shows a huge midriff.

Bias-cut and wrap dresses are favoured among pregnant celebrities because they usually have a good amount of Lycra in them, so therefore more give.

Pregnant woman in ruffle designer red dress ready for special evening

Here are a few tips and trend ideas for how to dress elegantly and femininely when you are pregnant:

Try to use layers in your outfit, as this will mean that you can strip off when you get a hot flush. Your metabolic rate increases by up to twenty per cent when you are pregnant, which means that you body is turning food into energy at a great rate.

Remember that your feet can swell up to half or a full size when you are pregnant, this is because the hormone in your body that makes your pelvis wider makes your feet expand also (partially to do with balance). So invest in some shoes, preferably flat slip ons to match your maternity party dress. With shoes to go out in, choose one that is flat to kitten heel in height, anything more and you risk toppling over, but this is great as these are very much in fashion at the moment.

As it can be quite expensive to buy a whole new wardrobe and only last you a few months, remember to buy loads of different accessories. Including colourful scarves, bright necklaces, earrings, necklaces and bags.

Unquestionably, your breasts will swell during pregnancy so invest in a maternity bra, so that your breasts will have all the support they need throughout the months and will also look even better in your maternity party dress.

Remember to show off the parts of you that you are proud of, the great rule is if you've got it flaunt it! So if you have great
shoulders wear a sleeveless shirt, and if you have got great legs wear a knee length dress.

There's no reason why being pregnant should stop you from being glamorous. I've scoured the internet to find you the perfect places to buy a special dress for a special occasion. There are some real gems for you to find here, and why not try some of the baby clothing sites whilst you are at it!

Tiffany Rose Maternity

At Tiffany Rose you will find fashionable maternity wear that is stylish, glamorous and flattering. We offer designs for every special occasion so you can look and feel fantastic during your pregnancy.

Thyme Maternity

Pregnant or not, you will be the most stunning woman in our elegant yet sexy evening wear.

Maternity clothes

Pregnancy apparel which includes plus size, cheap, trendy and stylish mother-to-be wear and clothing.

Push Maternity

Exciting, stylish and sexy fashion, featuring fabulous designs from: Alex Gore Browne, Cadeau, Citizens of Humanity, Earl Jean, Leona Edmiston, Juicy Couture, Nuala, Tashia and more.

Destination Maternity

More than ever, they are the one and only stop for celebrity clients, designer labels and the most stylish nine months of your life!

Isabella Oliver

For pregnant women who love clothes.

Follow this link to review some of Amal Clooney's Elegant Maternity Style Photo Credit Hello Magazine.

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