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Hair Style Tips for Your Prom or Wedding

Having the perfect hairstyle for your prom, wedding or party might seem like the most complicated thing that you will have to do, but as long as you have some time on your hands and a couple of good girl-friends then the perfect hair style is not that far away...

One of the greatest ways that you can find the perfect wedding hair for you, is to go to your nearest salon and have them experiment. You could always go back there to have it done on your special day. Proven to be the first thing that a man will look at, your hair is one of the most important things that you need to get right to make you look and feel great.

Blonde Bun Wedding Hairstyle /

The most important thing I can say is to make sure that you practice your 'up do' before the day that you need to create it, otherwise what could be the dream special occasion hairstyle will become a nightmare. Don't forget to do some great special occasion make-up, click here for some hints and tips on how to create the perfect look.

A great way to create a glam hairstyle is with a pair of ceramic straighteners. If you haven't got any then buy or borrow some for that day. You will be amazed by the end result, your prom hairstyle will give you a 'red carpet' look.

A few tips for how to make your hair style look even better:

For more info on how to create a great straight evening do that lasts all night, go to Chic Hairstyles.

Curly Brunette

To create some beautiful curls, which are increasingly popular across the world, use either straighteners or tongs. Using similar tips for straightening to create a dazzling party hairstyle.

And a little hint, curls are really romantic so if you have a chiffon dress, or something that is quite flowing then try out some loose curls. They flatter most face shapes, and why not try out some pinky, shimmery make-up that will compliment it. But make sure that you don't go too strong on the eyes if you have a strong lip color, and vice versa.

Most of all, have fun and play around!!

To recreate the wedding hair style at the top of the page, go to a professional salon or buy a 'piece' that goes on top of a bun. Then all you have to do is make sure your hair is beautifully slicked back and tightened into a bun with grips.

Also be careful to use a good quality holding spray as this will help the hair to look natural whilst still being firm. Another tip is to not have freshly washed your hair as this will make it much more 'slippery' and harder to keep tightly in place.

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