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Green Prom Dresses

Wearing a green prom dress is not a very common choice, so you can be guaranteed to stand out in the crowd when you confidently walk in in this great coloured dress.

Green dresses are gracing the prom magazines and catwalks at the moment, but are still timeless pieces. There are loads of different shades of green from mossy to turquoise, and one to suit each skin tone. So for light, English Rose skin types choose pale and smoky blues. For skin with a bit more sun, pick darker and smokier shades. The best colour that will suit every (and I mean every) skin tone is turquoise.

Go to our Prom Dresses page for ideas on the latest trends and fashions. Here are some quick ideas: halternecks are totally in season and suit everyone, layering and ruffling is really fun, flirty and sexy, and pay attention to your waist with cinching and folding at the waist-line.

Curly brown updo with crystal green satin wrap prom dress
Wear darker colours with metallic shades, like gold or silver. Wear statement costume jewellery to liven the color up a bit. If you don't feel in the metallic mood, neutral colors work best with these darker shades.

Bright Green, Turquoise, Forest Green, Lime, Green Yellow, Chartreuse

Keep it simple. That's the rule with accessorizing bright green. The dress is loud enough by itself, and needs to be brought back to sophistication with elegant and mature jewellery.

Light Green, Mint, Moss, Tea Green, Pear, Pistachio

Lighter colours work fantastic with anything that sparkles. Diamonds or diamante jewellery looks gorgeous, and you can go a bit over the top with some costume jewellery with such a pale shade should you wish.

Don't forget that if you are wearing such a bold coloured dress, then you ought to wear very minimal jewellery and make-up; the dress will speak for itself. Choose gorgeous colours that accent your dress perfectly, so if you are wearing a blue-ish green then choose silver, but if you are wearing a more earthy green, choose gold or bronze.

Create the perfect smoky eye to highlight the gorgeous dress by using three complimentary shades. For instance, use a light green or a cream colour all over you lid up to your eyebrow. Then use a second darker green and apply this over your lid, making sure to work it into the creases. Then apply a very dark green to the outside corner of your eye, and finish with a hint of eyeliner and mascara.

Choose a green prom dress that really suits your individual style, and when there's so many to choose from there's no excuse to look every inch the prom princess.