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Fashion accessories include bags, purses, hats, shrugs, shawls, wraps and tiaras... An outfit would be nothing without women's accessories, but you don't need to go crazy with the amount of jewellery you wear, and make sure that the fashion accessories that you buy reflects your personality.

The ultimate fashion accessory, a bag! The first thing that I would buy after buying my dress and shoes, would be my bag.

It is recommended by professionals that one should buy a bag in a similar colour to your shoes, as this will compliment them and draw the outfit together.

At the moment the most fashionable type of bag is a clutch bag, as you can see up at the top, you can buy them from any shop online or on the high street. They come in all shapes, colors and sizes, and some even come with a little handle for you to keep it on your wrist.

You ought to definitely shop around for the perfect one to match your outfit, and perhaps the best way that you can get a really good look at whats out there, is on the internet.

Diamond jewellery and fashion accessories
The second thing that you may need is a shrug or scarf to keep yourself that little bit warmer whilst you are on your way to your event.

The thing that I like most at the moment is a little bolero jacket, or shrug. When I went to a ball recently I wore a black bolero over my dress in the limo on the way there and took it off once I started dancing. It is also a lovely way to add a bit more glitz and sparkle to your outfit.

The great thing at the moment is that you can buy a very small knit shrug that covers just your shoulders, which will then fit in your bag once you want to take it off. Make sure that the fabric and shaping compliments your outfit. If you aren't sure bring your dress in with you when you try on your shrug.

For ultra glam, why not add some faux-fur to your outfit, or a sparkly tiara. And don't forget to wear a great perfume, that makes you feel wonderful. Try some light airy fragrances for summer

All girls know that without jewellery, the outfit would be nothing. So check out the following links to find some amazing things to go with your outfit.

To find the most fashionable and modern jewellery that will compliment your outfit perfectly.

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