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Fancy Dress Ideas

Original costume styles for a fancy dress party this season can be tricky to come up with, so here's a little help and some advice. Twist the classics, find a new idea and create something classy or funny for your themed event.

You can of course purchase these outfits ready made, and even get them on fast day delivery in case you've forgotten to create an awesome costume in advance.

But for those that want to make your own, be brave and take some time over it - don't leave it until the last minute to pull something together from your wardrobe (unless you are particularly talented in that area, and have a bunch of interesting vintage pieces hanging around).

Accessorize well to make the fancy dress costume really come together - purchase a few items of jewellery or a hat, just to make your DIY look really stand out.

Here are some of the most used costume themes, with some fancy dress ideas:

Cleopatra Fancy Dress Costume
And if you can mix two categories so much the better! So Twilight characters would be both movie and mythical, or Marie Antoinette would be both historical, movie and masquerade (potentially). Or Captain Jack from Pirates of the Caribbean would be kind of a mix of everything!

There are a mix of costumes in the above list - some for men, some for women and some that would do for both! If you are going as a couple, be inventive and think of either a celebrity/TV couple or just something in life that goes together well, like the sun and the moon or gangsters and molls.

To stay looking fashion forward, pick a period of time, celebrity or movie that's currently really trendy and exaggerate it. For example, you could pick the ever popular Egyptian era and go as Cleopatra with a gorgeous eye liner, red lips, straight black hair and lots of gold accessories (always really trendy). The main thing that will make your homemade costume look incredible is how much time and effort you put into it - the more time you spend creating it, the more effortless and awesome it will look. After all, no-one likes a half-effort costume, do they?

Whether it's Halloween or a friends fancy dress birthday party, celebrate in style!