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Dresses for Mother of the Bride

Being the mother of the bride is a special privilege, and one that most mothers hope will come their way one day. And on an occasion as special as your daughter's wedding, you will want to look amazing.

The elegant mother of the bride dresses are usually chosen after the brides and the bridesmaids dresses. This way you can make sure they complement each other.

To find a style that you like, read through wedding magazines and browse the internet where there are many different ideas for a mother of the bride wedding dress.

Pick a dress that compliments your figure, and draws attention to the parts of your body that you like. For example, if you have great legs wear a shorter skirt. If you are still unsure after all the searching you have done, or you can't find the kind of dress you want, why not find a local seamstress to create you a beautiful dress or 2-piece for your occasion.

1920's retro inspired black tie weddings are still on trend for 2016. If your son or daughter chooses to incorporate retro elements into there wedding theme, consider a vintage looking handbag, jewelry or wrap into your mother of the bride or groom outfit.

In contrast, some daughters are choosing a more rustic theme or woodland wedding. Here the mother of the bride is choosing a more casual outfit to complement the surroundings.

Tips to help you choose your mother of the bride dress:

Pink and lilac outfit worn by mother at daughters wedding

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Audreys Mother of the Bride

Amazing designer website totally dedicated to making sure you find something that is right for you.

Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Mother of the bride website full of helpful information to help you choose the perfect outfit, as well as finding lots of helpful wedding information and tips on choosing the perfect hat.

The Rose Dress

New designs at wonderful prices, for the woman in you.

Coldwater Creek

Search for the perfect dress by size and colour, loads of styles and designs to choose from.


With such a beautiful Special Occasion section, what more can you want. Many mother of the bride dresses and skirts that will dazzle the family and friends.

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