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Christmas Party Dress - Festive Fashion

Christmas is a very special time of year, and you may want to celebrate the festive season by wearing a great Christmas Party dress. There are several things that make dressing for a Christmas party one of the most difficult things to do, but following here are some tips on how to look spectacular on this occasion.

Christmas parties are always unique, and so the first thing to work out is the dress code. If this is an established party that runs every year, then there will be photographs, and so you can work out how formal you need to dress. It should however be obvious from your invitation what sort of style and formality the event is.

The perfect style of dress for a Christmas party is a deep red, knee length dress with a hint of sparkle. Deep colours and rich fabrics have a very 'Christmassy' feel about them, so don't choose pastels or cotton/linen that will ruin that special feel.

If you don't feel like wearing a red Christmas dress, why not pick something with a bit of sparkle? Gold and silver is very appropriate for this time of year, but make sure you don't look like a Christmas tree, by keeping the sparkle restrained in just the dress and a matching piece of jewellery. Pair gold or silver with black or grey accessories to look chic and expensive.

Be daring with your choice of outfit. This is the time of year for a Christmas dress that is really fun and frivolous. You can get away with something a little extraordinary, and a bit fashion forward. Make this the time of year to be a bit experimental, but don't veer too far from your own personal dress style.

Gold Christmas Party Dress
Christmas is a gorgeous holiday time of year, so make sure that you are wearing some sexy perfume, and gorgeous make-up. Hugo Boss Deep Red  has a rich, wintry scent which is ideal for colder months. For make-up at Christmas, pop down to your local Body Shop and ask them to give you a make-over, which should be free. They sell a beautiful range of make-up, including the favourite Shimmer Cubes, which stay on all night and have a glitzy effect (they are also helpful for creating the perfect smoky eye).

At Christmas, choose sparkly jewellery that will really pick up the gorgeous twinkle coming from the Christmas tree. Some long drop earrings are suitably stylish, and a big Egyptian style cuff will look truly on-trend. Choose a couple of statement pieces rather than overloading your look if you want to look expensive.

Make sure that you take a warm shrug or cardigan with you wherever you go. Finding the perfect special occasion coat gets easier each year as the highstreet designers are picking up on the trend for formal wear, and making their coats and jackets more unique and classy.

If you are heading off to a Christmas or New Year cocktail dress party, a big overcoat is a great way to conceal your outfit and keep you warm on the journey over. And makes the reveal that much more impressive and glamorous!
Don't forget to create the perfect special occasion hairstyle too! It's vital that your hair is looking well groomed, as this will make or break your look. Choose an elegant updo hairstyle to make a statement, or for something more simple, pop some big rollers in to give your look a va-va-voom sexiness.

Whatever Christmas party dress you choose, make sure you feel comfortable and confident in it, so you can appear truly glamorous at this festive time of year!

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