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Finding a cheap prom dress can be tricky, but there are a few ways you can sort this problem out. You don't need to spend a lot of money on an expensive dress to look fab on your prom night.

There are several things you can do to get the perfect cheap prom dress for your special evening. Start by working out what sort of dress you want, and then go from there. Work out your ideal color, ideal shape and ideal fabric. Write this down.

Next, go shopping! This is the fun part, where you should dress up smart, and then go and try on as many different dresses as you can, in as many expensive stores possible. Do not be tempted to buy at this stage, however hard the sales assistants try to make you! Instead, go home and write down all the things you liked, but more importantly, all the things you didn't like!

Then next day go into stores you wouldn't normally go into, go to the cheap stores, vintage stores, online shops and charity outlets. Its important to remember that the quality of the fabric will be what gives it away as cheap, so be careful where you shop. If you remember to, shop during the sales, as you will undoubtedly pick up a bargain!

Remember that if they don't have it in your size, then there are dressmakers who will alter the dress so it fits you perfectly, and this is relatively inexpensive to do!

You could also go to a really cheap outlet that you know will sell a basic dress at a low price. Then, you could try to customize it yourself; its not that difficult to do, you just have to be brave and have a go!

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If you want to customize a dress yourself, start by putting it on, and taking a picture. You can then better visualize where you could add some detail to enhance it.

Start off small, think of a sash around the middle, a corsage or some buttons. Make sure that any additions you make look expensive, finish them off well and make sure there is no loose thread anywhere.

If you are unsure about what to add, have a look at online stores like Net-a-Porter or Shopdress for some ideas on how dresses are made unique. You could try to replicate a designer or come up with a totally unique gown.

You do have the option to dye dresses also, so if you found the perfect shape and cut of dress, but in a hideous color then you could dye it to a more appropriate color that will flatter you. Be careful to follow all the instructions on your bottle of dye though!

Don't forget to check out ebay when you are looking for a cheap prom dress, as there are always stunning gowns to find. Also find out if there's a local charity store that has a special formal dress section, or if there's a charity store in your nearest big city that has tons of designer goodies.

Handmade shift dress created by dressmaker from piles of fabric
Some larger websites that sell prom dresses and evening gowns, quite often have a permanent sale on discontinued items (last seasons stock) that have great reduced prices.

Get these in the size up than you think, so you can have it fitted to your shape by a seamstress for a small cost. This fraction of a cost is totally worth it when you slip into a dress perfectly proportioned to your body!

Remember that if you are on a budget, you need to always be on the lookout for bargains, especially if you know you have a formal event coming up in the next couple of years! It doesn't matter if you buy it months in advance, as long as you have the perfect cheap prom dress!