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Brown Prom Dresses

Brown prom dresses are one of the most sophisticated colors that you can wear. It gives the skin more glow than black and will look great on all skin types and tones. Read on for tips on what shade of brown to wear and what to wear it with.

Brown prom dresses are the best dresses to wear when you want to make yourself appear older than you are, they shout sophistication and can be very versatile.

Brown comes in many different shades, including toffee, chocolate and wheat. For freckly, English skin any brown colors will look fabulous. For darker skin pick shades that are darker than your skin color otherwise you will look washed out. And although blond's can wear brown it is best to stick to chocolate shades.

Brown Prom Dress with Embroidered Corset Detail
If you can match the colors of the dress with the jewellery make sure that there is some other striking color somewhere, like a red lipstick, to make you look showstopping. Choose only one other color as well as the brown dress to make you look fantastic, this is a rule best kept to as you don't want to look to 'busy', those looking at you won't notice your own beauty. Here is a list of a few places that I think are the best to buy your outfits from:

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Easy to navigate around this great site and easy to read through. You can find anything you want thats related to gowns. This site gives updates on the newest gowns very often.

Teen Prom Dresses
The most stylish website currently on the internet that gives some great tips on where to buy outfits and when is the best time of year to go discount shopping.

Prom Dress Style
Information on preparing for your night and picking your gown. Also info on hairstyles and shoes.

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Recent dresses and updates on this internet site, with the popular styles and trends from the catwalks put into discount  cuts.

Great to-do list of things to do before your ball, with tips on hairstyles, corsages, limos and restaurants.

What To Put in Your Handbag on Prom Night:

This may seem like something really obvious, but the truth is that if you forget one important thing you will feel really incomplete and may end up having a 'catastrophe' on prom night.

Here is the list of suggestions:

- prom tickets - otherwise you won't be able to get in!
- keys - so you get back home when you finish your fab evening
- mobile phone - would you really leave home without it?
- cash/card - pretty useful thing to have with you really...
- safety pins - really useful for if your dress has problems, or someone else's
- bobby pins - so you can fix your hair if it gets messed up
- a compact mirror - in case the bathroom is too full
- a nail file (emery board) - for fixing broken nails without chewing
- plasters (band-aids) - for your feet when you've done too much dancing
- blotting tissues - so you don't like shiny in your photos
- camera - in case there isn't a photographer there that evening!?
- mints - because otherwise, eew!