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Bridesmaid dresses are such a privilege to buy and wear. It usually involves all the women in the family going out with you, the bridesmaid, for the day and trying on dresses. Read on for some tips on what to do, buy and wear.

You'll never know how important your bridesmaid dress is, nor will you understand just how wonderful the day will be for you. So getting ready for all the photos and strange friends and relatives that will come and talk to you is really vital. You want to look great, fresh and feel fabulous so that you will walk down the aisle with confidence.

Traditionally the bride will want to choose the dresses for the bridesmaids, and these are usually pastel colors. But times are changing, so if you are picking your own dress, make sure that you know the color schemes for the wedding, so that you can match. Also, it is vital that you don't wear white, as this is the brides special color.

Make sure that you wear something appropriate for the venue. So if you are going to a church then wear a modestly cut neck-line. If you want to buy just one dress for the wedding and reception, make sure that you have thought everything through. If the reception is an elegant drinks soiree then it is probably entirely fine to have a grand dress that you have worn at the wedding, but that will be entirely different from a barn dance. If there is going to be some form of dancing, try going for a 50's style party dress, with a fishtail skirt or A-line.

One of your responsibilities as bridesmaid might be to help the mother of the bride to choose her wedding outfit. Sometimes the mothers can get in a little bit of a muddle with what to wear, and need some good style advice. Elegant mother of the bride dresses should be figure flattering, as well as appropriate. They ought to suit the personality of the mother as well, whether its the bride's mum or the groom's, they both deserve to look amazing.

Make sure you put a lot of thought and effort into choosing you special wedding dress, so that when you look back at photographs of the special occasion you remember how fabulous you felt and looked.

Wedding Theme Ideas:

Young Bridesmaids Holding the Bouquet

Hawaii Wedding

These weddings are usually very colorful and will involve a lot of flowers. There is also a large possibility that the wedding will take place on a beach or near one, so pick appropriate clothing for hot, sandy situations.

Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are some of the most beautiful. They are usually quite luxurious, with fur, sparkle and white roses. It is obviously important to be dressed up warmly, so make sure that you have a knit cardigan to put over your gown.

Las Vegas Wedding

These are usually some of the most unusual weddings, so make sure that you know what type of theme it is. There are Elvis weddings, garden weddings and casino weddings. These weddings are sometimes much less formal, so again check with the bride and groom.

Beach Wedding

Make sure to check what the weather will be like in the area so you can buy an appropriate outfit. Breathable fabrics like cotton and linen are the best so try and find outfits with this fabric.