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Blue Prom Dresses

Blue prom dresses are very popular at the moment, and always have been. The blue gowns are the second most popular color to wear to you prom, and its easy to see why; it comes in so many shades and they are all beautiful.

To go with your blue prom dress choose silver jewellery and accessories. These will be the most flattering colors for the dress and will make you look like royalty. These are also incredibly versatile colors so you can use them again with another dress.

Make sure that you pick a color blue that you like, in a fabric which will not make you look like you are wearing a navy uniform. Also think about whether or not to wear a print/pattern at your prom, like big 50s style polka dots or dainty embroidered flower-shaped sequins. Most people prefer to wear something more simple to their prom, like a navy blue satin halter dress or baby blue strapless full length gown.

These blue prom dresses come in loads of different shades from baby to turquoise to royal, and one to suit each skin tone. So for light, English Rose skin types choose pale and smoky shades. For skin with a bit more sun, pick darker and smokier shades. The best color that will suit every (and I mean every) skin tone is turquoise.

Pretty girl in full length blue chiffon evening gown with diamante sandals
Blue is a color often picked for bridesmaids at a wedding, so there are plenty of dresses out there in this color. You will therefore also find a vast range of shoes to match your outfit, from pretty sandals to chunky heels.

Many of these colors verge on turquoise or aquamarine, which is a color that will suit everyone. Make sure that you think about the kind of fabric you use, as some skin types look great in light airy chiffon, whereas others look awesome in a tougher satin.

Most of the blue gowns come in a slender prom dress style, rather than the big bouffant 'meringue' styles. It is definitely preferable to choose something slim, as this will show off your figure to its best advantage, no matter what size you are.

To all you girls out there that want to look like you waltzed in from a movie premiere, make sure you have a flattering hairstyle too, and complementary makeup.

Here's just a little info on how to get a date for your night:

For girls, who are probably the ones reading this, you have the harder work at getting a date, and statistics show that you will spend months thinking about who to go with. Most girls will spend time with this guy weeks before the event and hang out in the right group. You can't really rely on asking someone the day before as they probably already have a date. The risk of rejection is obviously a big one, but I would say just get over your fears, because you won't getanywhere if you don't ask.

To get your ideal date to look at you and talk to you just think, feel and know that you are beautiful, interesting and confident. Exchange eye contact and smile a lot at him and start talking to his friends if you can.

If you haven't got a date until the last week don't worry! Invite a good friend or someone from another school, or perhaps you know someone who might be able to get you a date. As a last resort why not ask your brother or a cousin, which may sound weird but its better than walking in by yourself and this is how proms originated.