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Prom Dress Black

Black prom dresses are simple, elegant and sexy. The color black is the most slimming color you can find and it also enhances the texture of your skin by making it glow more. So why not have a look at all the different styles of black prom dresses you could wear.

Black Prom Dresses

Why not try black prom dresses with a hint of color, for example a two-tone or a double-layered dress. With a hint of another color you can shine through more personality and the black prom dresses are great on all shapes too.

The next piece of advice I have to give is to bare a little skin. Shoulder and the neck are considered two of the sexiest places on a woman.

Black Prom Dress with Floral Details
So make sure that your skin looks and feels healthy by giving it a good body scrub in the shower and finishing off with a really intense moisturiser. This ought to leave your skin looking great. If you are still unsure that your skin looks absolutely amazing, why not try a fake tan at your local salon, please no orange at-home tans! Although the new Johnson's holiday skin lotion is amazing, grease-free, skin-nourishing and natural-looking. They've also got a range for the night which doesn't stain your sheets orange. Another way to make yourself look and feel great on the evening of your dance is to have your nails manicured with a natural looking color, it is amazing how much more elegant you feel with this one slight difference.

Have a look at more gowns on our pages for some inspiration, or to have a further look why not have a look at our favorite dress of the season - to the right. Or check out our Little Black Dress page with classic and cocktail dress outfits.

If you are wearing a black dress to your evening remember to add loads of sparkle, there is nothing worse than an outfit with no jewellery. I recently went to the high street store Past Times and saw a great pair of diamond and black agate drop earrings looked as though they should be worn on the red carpet. I would certainly recommend Accessorize for jewellery as this is where I usually get mine, it is quality jewelry at great prices.

Here is a list of a few places that I think are the best to buy your outfits from:

Full Length Black Gown with Floral Embroidery
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Easy to navigate around this great site and easy to read through. You can find anything you want thats related to gowns. This site gives updates on the newest gowns very often.

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The most stylish website currently on the internet that gives some great tips on where to buy outfits and when is the best time of year to go discount shopping.

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Information on preparing for your night and picking your gown. Also info on hairstyles and shoes.

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Recent dresses and updates on this internet site, with the popular styles and trends from the catwalks put into discount  cuts.

Great to-do list of things to do before your ball, with tips on hairstyles, corsages, limos and restaurants.

What to do after your prom:

Here are a few great ideas for what to do to keep the party going all night:

- Grab a movie and sit with your mates or your boyfriend whilst pigging out on hugely expensive chocolates. Or why not go to a late night screening at your local cinema?

- Keep partying by bringing the people back to your house and getting in some great food and music. Get Twister out and see what fun you can have...

- Go to the beach. Check with local authorities to see if its OK to spend all night on
the beach, toasting marshmallows and gossiping on blankets.

- Go for a drive! If you still have a limo get the driver to take you around town, giving you the opportunity to show off your gowns at every possible moment.