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Buying jewelry can turn into a bit of an addiction, as any woman knows, a very pleasant addiction. You can dress up with diamonds or down with metal or wooden beads, jewelry can determine or reflect the mood that you wake up in on any certain day.

Sparkle Jewelry

To go out for the evening, opt for sparkle. So if you can afford diamonds, then a good investment is a great pair of diamond drops for your ears. If you can't afford proper diamonds, then there are lots of alternatives in affordable shops.

It is also highly recommended that you buy a great pair of dangly / drop earrings, they compliment every face shape and they go with every outfit. If you aren't the type to buy a great pair of chandelier earrings, then buy a three tier drop style earring.

Make sure that whatever you buy has plenty of sparkle, this is because it will reflect the sparkle in your skin, dress and most importantly, your eyes. Also, the lower the light at the event the sparklier the earrings the better, because with little light to shine on you you need to create it.

Special Occasion Jewellery with Black Prom Dress
Always remember that if you wear statement earrings then don't wear a necklace, and if you wear a statement necklace, wear studs. Great necklaces to wear at the momentare long chains of beads, turquoise or black beads are very fashionable. The great thing with beads is that you can wind them around your neck several times, and they can pick out the colour of your eyes really well. If you go to any good jewellers you should ask them to try the colours on you and to work out what works best for you.

Bracelets are great for any outfit, or a watch as well. It can elongate or shorten your arms, create attention where you want it depending on where you hold your arm. It also looks great if you buy a set of jewellery where the stones are the same and totally compliment each other.

Your Jewelry Personality

Finding your jewelry personality should be fairly simple. Firstly figure out what size your bones are, you can do this by looking at your hands. Bones come in two sizes according to fashion; big and small. The smaller your bone structure the more delicate the jewellery should be, the bigger the chunkier.

You will also have a personal preference too. Some people adore the look and effect of big jewels, whilst others will prefer subtle silver pieces. It might be apparent from the current contents of your jewelry collection, but if you don't have many pieces then go to a jewellers and try on some different styles until you find what suits you.

Costume Jewelry

Don't be afraid to wear costume jewelry. These pieces are often vintage, and are a true showstopper. They can transform any bland outfit immediately. Check your local vintage shop for necklaces, cuffs and earrings with the wow factor.

Jewellery is very important, especially as it can change the whole look of an outfit without changing the dress. There are so many websites that show a beautiful range of jewellery, click on one of the following to start searching.

To find beautiful accessories to make your outfit look amazing, go to accessorize to find any kind of sparkly accessories to go with your dress.

Affordable Custom Fashion Jewelry Store
Striking handmade jewelry that is fun to wear and compliments your individual beauty.

Mikey Jewellery
For statement jewellery and day pieces that are fun and wearable, choose Mikey.

Fashion Accessories
Don't forget a matching bag, shoes and shrug to compliment your outfit. And never forget to make sure your hair or makeup is perfectly styled and applied also.