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50's Style Cocktail Dresses

50s style cocktail dresses are a favourite kind of cocktail dress, they are so versatile and flattering to every figure. Read on for more tips on how to choose the perfect 50s style cocktail dresses for you.

50s style cocktail dresses and fashion are very popular at the moment, probably because of its diversity with size and style. It fits every feminine figure, gently caressing the skin in perfect style.

The dresses are the key thing most people remember about the 1950s, the glamour and ladylike style behind them. The cut of the clothing was perfect for the voluptuous woman, and really showed off the curves.

But do not forget, the women of the 1950s had a huge amount of grace and confidence. So walk tall, and wear high heels to give you that extra appeal.

Red lipstick and perfect blow-dried hair should always accompany 50s clothing, in order to give it the glamour and star quality the outfit deserves.

Young blond woman looks over the water with wine wearing white chiffon grecian style dress
There were 2 kinds of very memorable dresses from the 1950s, the first is the shift dress, a style which is very current and you can find it in most stores at the moment. To make this cocktail dress really up to date, choose one in a deep color like burgundy or dark brown.

Choose a strapless dress with a really fitted bodice, and a dress which ends very close to the knee (whether above or below it doesn't matter).

Try to keep in mind that the strapless gown looks great on every woman, because each and every one has a great décolletage (upper chest). The necklines that are flattering on a large chest are deep ones and on a flatter chest choose a high neck line.

The very fashionable things in the 1950s were woolen fitted suits with pencil skirts and an accentuated waist. The girdle and corselette was at its height in fashion. Beads and sequins were found all over shirts and tops. The torso was elongated with buttoning and lines. For the day, the skirts were below the knee and in the evening the skirts were even longer.

For shoes, wear round toes with heels. You can wear either a small kitten heel or heels several inches high. Whatever the height they will make you feel incredibly glamorous and they also make your feet look elegant and small.

Try to recreate the chic hairstyles of this era as well with chignons, quiffs and beehives. The chignon is easy to create as long as you have medium length hair, I would go to your local beauty shop to buy hair pins and a bun-maker. These will help to recreate the great fashion, and help your hair stay put all evening. For more information ask your hair stylist.

For real inspiration watch films like How To Marry A Millionaire and check out what Marilyn Monroe wears and her friends also. The glamour is completely represented in this film, perhaps too much.

More great vintage prom dress styles are from the 60s and eighties; be confident and make the outfit your own.

Here are a few Cocktail Recipes

red cocktail drink
Bellini - Pour 3 oz peach schnapps into a champagne flute. Add a dash of lemon juice and a dash of grenadine for color. Fill with sparkling white wine.

Gilligan's Island - Add 1 oz. Peach schnapps, 1 oz. Vodka, 3 oz. Cranberry juice and 3 oz.
Orange juice. Serve shaken, not stirred!

Sea Breeze - Pour 2 parts vodka, 3 parts cranberry juice and 3 parts grapefruit juice into a tall glass with the 5 crushed ice cubes. Stir well. Decorate with a lime wedge. (To make this non-alcoholic, simply take out the vodka)